Gutter Upkeep

man-cleaning-the-gutterKeeping the Gutter Clear

Leaves, moss and other items are regularly washed down into our gutters. If these items aren’t cleared, they prevent the water from flowing down the drainpipe.

The next time it rains, the water has nowhere to go except over the top of the gutters. This can make quite a racket and is also a cause of damp in the home. The pressure of the water and other items can also cause the gutter to split and drip, which means a replacement has to be fitted.

The challenge is that few of us relish the idea of balancing on a ladder to remove clumps of debris from our gutters. Aylesbury Plumbing has the solution! The Gutter Sucker is a purpose made tool which means that even I don’t have to work at height. This tool helps me to accurately clear your gutters at regular intervals, so problems can be prevented.